Upcoming NFS Client Benchmark Presentation at NFS Industry Conference

NSPLabSM presenting an NFS Client Benchmark

El Paso -- August 12, 2003 -- John Corbin, President of NSPLabSM, will be presenting his work on NFS client benchmarking at the 2003 NFS Industry conference which will be taking place in Santa Clara, California, from September 22 - 24, 2003. Visit for more information on the conference including the time of the presentation.

The title of the presentation is NFS Client Benchmarking and the abstract follows:

Several NFS server vendors have continually optimized their implementation over the past decade to the point where NFS client implementations now appear to be the performance bottleneck. While application issues may dominate an end users choice of which NFS client to use, the vendors of NFS clients should be interested in making sure they have the best performance possible. This presentation will look at the issues that exist in NFS client benchmarking, the different approaches that could be taken, and a prototype NFS client benchmark.

NSPLabSM is committed to helping the development of industry standard benchmarks.

About NSPLabSM

NSPLabSM is a privately held company that specializes in NAS and SAN performance analysis, quality assurance test, and consulting services.