Upcoming File System Benchmark Presentation at NAS Industry Conference

NSPLabSM presenting a File System Benchmark

El Paso -- September 27, 2004 -- John Corbin, President of NSPLabSM, will be presenting his work on a file system benchmark at the 2004 Network Attached Storage Industry conference which will be taking place in Santa Clara, California, from October 12 - 14, 2004. Visit for more information on the conference including the time of the presentation.

The title of the presentation is File System Benchmarking Suite and the abstract follows:

The talk presents a new suite of file system benchmarks that support both component and system level benchmarking. The presentation will provide an update to last year's presentation on NFS client benchmarking. Examples will be presented of using the benchmark to measure file system and NFS client performance. The release plans for the benchmark will also be presented.

NSPLabSM is committed to helping the development of industry standard benchmarks.

About NSPLabSM

NSPLabSM is a privately held company that specializes in NAS and SAN performance analysis and quality assurance testing.