Upcoming NFS Client Presentation at the NAS Industry Conference

El Paso -- October 3, 2005-- John Corbin, President of NSPLabSM, will be making a presentation on the impact a broken NFS client can have on a server farm at the 2005 Network Attached Storage Industry conference which will be taking place in Santa Clara, California, from October 18 - 20, 2005. Visit for more information on the conference including the time of the presentation. Mr. Corbin stated "I am honored that the NAS Industry Conference has selected me to present again at the conference. This conference allows us to stay up to date with the latest developments in the NAS market."

The title of the presentation is Defending Against Broken NFS Clients and the abstract follows:

Some end-users install high powered NFS server farms, perhaps clustered NFS servers, while using inexpensive NFS clients only to have a misbehaving client cause the NFS Server to crash. I will take a look at some examples where the clients can crash NFS servers and discuss methods that system administrators and developers can use to minimize the impact of broken NFS clients on the NFS server and improve perceived NFS server quality.

NSPLabSM is committed to helping improve the performance and quality of NAS and SAN devices.

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