Offering Manual Testing Services

NSPLabSM is Offering Manual Testing Services

El Paso, Texas -- July 10, 2006 -- NSPLabSM is proud to announce that the company will start offering Manual Testing Services. NSPLabSM has a software quality lab staffed with experienced QA testers and managed by Industry Leading development engineers. Our testing staff has the capacity and flexibility to provide manual (black box) SQA services which include:

We have extensive experience with many types of application, including:

With our flexible staffing models customers can have seasoned software testers that require a very short ramp-up time and can begin producing results right away. Whether you need to augment your current staff or you need NSPLab's QA testers to perform all of the test functions for your organization, we will enable you to increase your QA staff when you need it, and reduce it when your product is ready for release.

About NSPLabSM

NSPLabSM is a privately held company that specializes in providing software products and engineering services for any size company from startups up to Fortune 100 corporations. Information about NSPLabSM products and services can be found at