Rapid Growth Ahead

NSPLabSM Experiencing Rapid Growth

El Paso, Texas -- December 2, 2006 -- NSPLabSM announced today that the companies core business of software engineering services is seeing significant growth projected for 2007. John Corbin, President, stated "We expect to double the size of the company in the first quarter of 2007. We are looking for another doubling of size by the third quarter of 2007. NSPLabSM has been expanding its business relationships with existing customers in addition to adding new customers."

The rapid growth means that there are many software engineering positions that need to be filled. NSPLabSM will be running TV ads and job postings in an effort to qualified canidates to fill these positions. The job postings can be found at the companies website

About NSPLabSM

NSPLabSM is a privately held company that specializes in providing software product and engineering services for any size company from startups up to Fortune 100 corporations.Information about NSPLabSM products and services can be found at